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Your content provides superb and excellent chazara. Everyone in my shiur benefits from it. This is an indispensable tool for anyone doing the Daf!

M.D.; Toronto, Canada

I don't know if I could keep up with the Daf Yomi schedule, if not for your publication.

J.S.; Chicago, IL

I love your daily report on the daf. It provides a great chazarah, while making the daf come alive with halacha.

S.G.; New York, NY

As a Maggid Shiur, I find it very helpful.

Y.F.; Melbourne, Australia

Thank you for this wonderful publication.

R.G.; Johannesburg, South Africa

I enjoy the topics. It helps make the subjects come alive and gives me tidbits which I would not have gleaned. It also acts as a springboard for further learning.

T.B.; London, United Kingdom

As we approached the last Siyum, I wanted very much to ensure that this next cycle would be at a higher level; your Daf Yomi Digest is a perfect fit. It gives me the format and the guidance for chazara that's just right. I can't thank you enough.

F.G.; Denver, CO

This is a superior daily Daf study summary.

J.I.; Yerushalayim

I am in the Army as you can tell from my e-mail address. I look forward to receiving the Daf Digest because it helps me with learning and still keeping a connection with Torah observance.


I give a daily shiur and I think your publication is amazing, the stories and halacha column give life to the shiur! Thank you so much

M.B; Melbourne, Australia

It is amazing what you can fit on two pages! The stories are a particular hit.

A.L.; Queens, NY

I enjoy the practical applications of the relevant daf and the wide range of sources brought.

S. B.; Yerushalayim

I particularly like "Stories off the Daf" when I am teaching Daf Yomi. It creates a wonderful discussion, especially when dealing with a difficult inyan. Kol Hakavod for producing it.

M.P.; Netanya, Israel

Daf Digest provides excellent information and is very beautiful.

D. S.; Merano, Italy

Daf Digest is superb!

E.S.; Montevideo, Uruguay

Every morning I open my email and use Daf Digest to review the Daf I learned the night before. No better way to start the day!

Y.R.; Beit Shemesh, Israel

Daf Digest is a crucial resource when the subject has been hard to grasp.

I.J.; Manchester, United Kingdom

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